Monument “SORA-HE” (To the sky)

gosenfu2Designer: Fukuda Shigeo (He is the departed/Japanese Graphic Designer )

This monument stands towards the atomic-bombed area. It’s an expression of our heartfelt desire with the music sheet and the notation, sending out our songs hoping for peace.

Building Design

museumDesigner:Furuichi Tetsuo (Japanese Architect)

The intention of this design is to create a quiet and tranquil space where you can think about and appreciate the importance of peace. (here in Nagasaki, one of the atomic-bombed cities)

Light up

light2Lighting Designer: Ishii Motoko

At night, the building is lit up with red and green lights.
The red lights represent the fervent desire of the “Gem Fire” Movement.
The green ones, a light of hope for peace.

Stained glass “Pray to stars for peace”

Stained glassArtist / donation: Komori Junichi

The image on the stained glass is of while doves. These white doves are a symbol of peace. They fly towards the peaceful star without a fight.

Path of the Peace “Heiwa-no Komichi”

toubanArtist: Hossein Golba

The unglazed pieces of pottery (“suyaki”) contain the footprints of the world’s children. This “suyaki” pathway leads us through the world’s cultures.
The footprints of 40 children from 2 years old to 12 years old were cast at the A-Bomb drop site (epicenter) in Nagasaki and brought here to the Peace Museum on Sep 27, 2003.

“suyaki”= unglazed pottery(“suyaki”) boards