The Entrance, sending out peace from Nagasaki

Nagasaki Peace Museum is a “Peace and Culture” oriented museum.
Through the beauty of nature, children’s smiling faces, and music we can fully appreciate the wonderfulness of peace.

The Nagasaki “Gem Fire” Movement was started in August 1995. The idea was proposed by the famous Japanese musician, Sada Masashi. With Japanese volunteers, he continues spreading the movement’s message to this day. This building was established in 2003, using donations from many people.

At present, people in the world suffer from many kinds of problems, such as disputes, environmental destruction, poverty and starvation.

We strongly believe that the first step is for children to be able to live in peace with smiling faces.

Children’s smiling faces

photo by Kitagawa Kouji

World’s disputed-areas, and heir related-information are shown on PC screens and a world map.
0801Koga dolls
The space for citizens’ activities and their exchanges Information about Nagasaki and NGO is available.